Security doors are becoming a popular item for homeowners, but what are they made of? Security screen doors are made with sturdy ironwork specially reinforced to keep burglars out of your home. Unlike regular screens that can be easily cut through or pushed inwards, security screen doors are specially made from thick steel mesh that will not buckle and is not easy to cut. Although manufacturers treat most of their safety screen doors with a coating that will help prevent the screen door from rusting; and with time, this coating will lessen, and rust may begin to build up.

Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Security Screen Doors

Since all steel mesh can trap airborne dirt and impurities with time, it is vital to wash your security doors regularly. Salt, moisture, and dirt get stuck in the mesh and over time, may oxidise and can result in reddish marks on the door, or a build-up of fluffy white deposit if there is a lot salt in the air. To prevent staining, these impurities should often be removed to keep them looking good and last for an extended period.

The Best Way to Clean Security Screen Doors

What You Need:

main entrance doors of the property

Main entrance doors of the property

• Container /bucket
• Water
• Quarter cup of dishwashing detergent
• Windex
• 1-gallon bucket
• Sponge
• Half cup of baking soda
• Paper towel
• Screwdriver
• Steel wool
• Wire-bristle brush


• Remove your security door by taking out the screw placed upright in the hinges or through prying out the nail with a screwdriver. Carefully place the security
door flat on a concrete work surface.
• Remove rust on areas on the security door that are not made of a fine screen using a metal paint scraper. Avoid scraping the screen as you could damage it.
• Use a wire-bristle brush to get rid of the rust on areas that is not made of fine screen, until the rust is gone. Again, do not brush the screen, since it is fragile and could bend or rip.
• Mix a quarter cup of dishwashing detergent with clean water in a 1-gallon container.
• Dip a sponge in the cleaning solution and gently wipe down the whole security screen door. Clean the door two to three times with the sponge to get rid of the fingerprints, surface dirt, and marks.
• Empty the cleaning solution and rinse the container with hot or warm water.
• Mix a new cleaning solution consisting of a half-cup baking soda with clean water in a 1-gallon container.
install a flyscreen on your door• Clean the screen door with the new cleaning solution, and using a steel wool, scrub hard to remove stubborn black marks and other grime on the security door. You may need to clean the screen door at least twice to ensure you have removed all marks.
• Empty the cleaning solution from the container and rinse it with hot or warm water.
• Use Windex (or any other type of window cleaner) and a paper towel to clean the door handle; just apply the cleaning solution on the handle and wipe clean with the paper towel.


Security doors in coastal or urban regions need cleaning every two to five weeks since the salt contained in the moist air can corrode the security screens if not regularly removed.