I am writing this new post happy and very motivated because I have a been watching has greatly improved the image of the real estate product. I have a year and a half touring Asia and Australia with my home Staging and real estate photography courses, and I can say, with pride, that at this time the things have changed a lot.

At the end of 2016, almost all professionals that formed were unaware of what was the Home Staging and made photographs with compact cameras or mobile taking care of little or no composition.

However, at the beginning of 2017 ensure that the panorama changed a lot.

With pride, I can say that there have been many professionals who have chosen to create the Department of Home Staging either hiring external services, as, in photography, many agencies have SLR cameras and have learned to take pictures or have hired a photographer.

realtor new listing for houseTo offer Home Staging and professional photography services is becoming a great asset to achieve capture product exclusively and negotiate the selling price. Also, companies who care for the image of your properties is are differentiating a lot in portals, representing them a clear competitive advantage.

My forecast for the next three years is that home staging services will be offered by at least 25% of the Australian realtors and real estate photography professionals.

In my view, this professionalism of the companies will be that they distinguish between the properties of the first and second level.

“World-class” companies will be those that offer high-quality services; these go beyond the photography and Home Staging; They also undergo work exclusively, respect the concept of “seller’s agent” or “buyer’s agent” and share product.

Real estate “second-level” will be those working without taking into account the systems described above.

And in what place have decided to position yourself?