To facilitate access to your terrace or a veranda, the ideal move is to install a sliding or bi-fold door. The sliding glass door offers many advantages.

First, it provides more light and enhances the view from the inside. Its installation is easy, but it requires the intervention of two or three persons, due to the weight and fragility of the glass panels.

Bi-fold Doors open up space and reduce the boundary between the inside and the outside!

Whether to offer grandiose views or even to separate two interior parts, modern folding door systems fascinate by their incredible ability to create impressive openings into your house.
Your bifold door or window truly obliterates the boundary between indoors and outdoors, giving you exceptional architectural possibilities.

The doors and folding windows are custom-made according to your tastes and your specifications. A wide choice of handles is available on the market to customise your solid wooden door.

Folding sliding doors are the ideal solution for the generous openings towards your terraces and your gardens that bring such a pleasant feeling in summer.

How to install Bi-Fold Doors?

To properly install a sliding glass door, you should appropriately take different measures, before ordering your door.
There are sliding doors kits available on the market; it is enough to choose from, depending on the size of your opening, but we always recommend using the services of a professional door and window expert.
You can also make a sliding door measure, but, in this case, it is best to ask a specialist to handle the installation. The manufacturer can carry out the necessary corrections, possibly if the framework is to the doorway.

The process explained

perfect for decks and outdoor patiosThe installation begins with the implementation of all elements of the outside and inside of the door frame. Holes must be made by drilling the top of the jamb and the threshold level. Check the levelness of the whole panel, the frame and the threshold, using a plumb, before continuing the installation. You will also need to pierce to install the rails.
Then, comes the installation of the rails at the level of the slots, that is, the top rail and the bottom rail. Here you will need to fix the rails with suitable screws. The panels are inserted into the tracks, starting from the top and after to the bottom, to allow their sliding.


Check the opening and closing before finishing the install of the bi-fold door system and the frame. Use the foam insulation that should be applied to the masonry and the frame to avoid moisture after the install. Make sure you take care of the small finishes. Your door should now be placed.

Useful advice

To perform the separation of the parts, you can install a sliding partition glass, using a system of rotation for sliding door. Bifold Glass Doors or separations doors are possible to fit in between a living room and a dining hall, for example. For a gain of place, prefer folding sliding doors, they are entirely suitable for a closet or alcove.