Most people would still like to have a beautiful garden on their property. Whether it’s simply to grow perennial flowers or to grow vegetables, the rush of modern life has not spoiled our desire for gardening.

watering-plants-the-right-wayOne thing that is increasingly becoming a problem is the amount of water needed to grow a garden properly. Water rates are on the increase at the same time that water restrictions are being put into effect in many communities. Many have given up on the idea of their garden, believing that it’s not practical for modern life.

Water conservation is one answer to the problem of less water for gardening. If you mulch your plants, you will need less water to help them grow, because mulch retains water in the soil. Larger gardens can use drip irrigation to direct water to the roots of plants where it’s needed.

Repurposing Water

Recycling has become mainstream in America, yet the idea of recycling water is still relatively new. Water usage by the average American is high, between 80 and 100 gallons per day, according to the government.

This is a lot of water that is simply going down the drain. Much of it can be captured or reused for gardening purposes.
A simple way to save water on a small scale is to catch it in a bucket during normal daily activities.

For instance, most Americans prefer a hot shower or need to clean dishes in hot water. The faucet is run until the water becomes hot, and this water just goes down the drain. Instead, capture the water in a bucket and let it cool to use for houseplants.

diy-solutions-for-gardenersAnother source of recycled water that can be used for gardening is grey water. Grey water is spent water that is just a little soiled, with no chemicals that are harmful to growing plants. An example is water used for boiling pasta. It is perfectly usable after it has cooled to be poured on plant soil. Some grey water used in the home may need to be filtered before it can be used on outdoor plants.

Rainwater can also be saved in many communities to use for a garden. A simple solution is to attach a barrel to a gutter downpipe. The size of the barrel can be increased for the size of the garden. The rainwater will funnel into the gutter, as usual, to be stored in the rain barrel until it’s ready for use.

Rules differ according to locality concerning water conservation and the water recycling methods that can be used for gardening. Familiarise yourself with the newer methods used for water storage, and be certain they conform with the laws in your community. The odds are that by using some of these methods, you will be able to grow the garden you didn’t think you could ever have.