Candle Lighting.

Everyone loves candle lighting in their home and garden. Candles have become so popular that stores exist specialising in unique and unusual forms of this one product.
At the same time, however, using candles has a few associations that are old fashioned and certainly not up to date. If you want to create a perfect atmosphere for your home and impress guests, you should remember a few rules about using candles.

Don’t go overboard.

Having a room full of candles and no real lighting tends to make your room like a college dorm or a séance.
Yes, it looks pretty, but there’s a certain cheesiness to a sea of flickering lights that can detract from what could have been a nice ambience. Lighting lots of candles adds a sense of formality also which most gatherings don’t call for.
If you want relaxation and enjoyment either for yourself or because you have guests coming over then less is more.

Size matters.

lightning-up-a-candleWhen choosing, your candles think about picking a few large items rather than many small ones. People tend to pick lots of tea light candles because they want to mimic the lighting effects of actual electrical lights.
It is how a lot of people run into having way too many and creating an over the top effect. Large candles melt down and create a big glow. It is probably equivalent to a whole pack of tea lights.

Also a large candle will burn for upwards of six hours if you get a good quality one which means you don’t have to be always worrying about replacing small candles.

Good taste.

You can’t buy good taste, but you can learn how to have a dash of style. Mix your candle lighting in with your electric lighting.

You can dim the lights, use appropriate shades and get creative with your candles. Trying to rely on only electric light or candles for home or party lighting is never a good way to go. The art of balancing them maybe takes a bit of time and a few trial runs but once you know how to work your home lighting you can change the mood at will.