Everyone wants their house to look like something out a magazine, but nobody wants to spend the money. The great thing about that predicament is you don’t have to compromise style for affordability.

A popular trend in today’s interior design world is vintage accenting. Professional designers seem to have an almost supernatural ability to find great pieces and restore and modernise them. Following these rules and staying open-minded about DIY projects will help you purchase and fix vintage finds like the pros, giving your home a charming personality you can brag about to your guests.

Know the Local Resale Shops

The best places to find unique and affordable items are at your local antique and thrift stores.

These places may require digging through a lot of unworthy junk before finding a piece that would look great in your home or apartment. If you don’t find anything at a shop but are impressed with their fair pricing and selection, ask the store clerk how often they get in new inventory. These kinds of stores are constantly changing, as many of them accept products in exchange for cash or store credit – individuals may be coming in daily, selling neat decor that they no longer need or want. Other times, the store may have a particular day that they receive inventory.
Stopping by occasionally and asking about anything new will make sure you’re the first to discover anything worthy of refurbishing.

Don’t Fear Roughness

cabinets are a good thing to refurbish

Cabinets are a good thing to refurbish

When you do find that clean-lined couch or six chairs that would match your dining room perfectly, don’t be afraid if the items may appear a little rough.

Dust and grime can be wiped off, paint can be stripped, furniture can be reupholstered – there’s always an easy, do-it-yourself trick to take something from the ’60’s and make it look brand new again. For example, say you find a lamp with great lines, but it’s an obnoxious colour and is missing its lamp shade. Consider the cost. If you feel that the price is fair, but need it lower due to the amount of work you’ll have to put into repainting and finding a lampshade, mention this to the store clerk as they may be open-minded to bartering.

Invest in a Staple Gun

For the moment you find a great reading chair with questionable stains, re-envision the chair with fresh, new fabric. See it as an opportunity to customise the piece to fit the colour scheme of your home.

As long as the furniture piece doesn’t have too intricate of lines, you could reupholster the chair yourself with the help of an easy-to-use staple gun. These come in manual and electric options, with manuals costing around $20-$30. If you feel a hobby coming on, and you will be using a staple gun often, choose the more expensive, professional-grade electric staple gun. Either item will greatly aid you in taking those unique finds from old and unwanted to fresh, fun pieces.

Fresh, New Look Whether you’re choosing to revamp your current home or just finished the stressful process of buying a new one, decorating the space is the next step to making you feel comfortable and settled. Being an open-minded and motivated vintage shopper will show you a world of economical options for your living space.